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Residential & Commercial

Southern Downs Earthmoving  can provide residential and commercial earthmoving for a range of jobs including:

Commercial and Industrial

  • Site clearing prior to construction of sheds or business premises
  • Warehouse and Shed pads
  • Plumbing and water diversion
  • Drainage improvements
  • Tank pads
  • Fence lines and post holes
  • Terracing
  • Demolition and Construction

Around the House

  • Leveling of house, shed and tank pads
  • Rock walls
  • Driveways
  • Rubbish and tree removal
  • Site cleans
  • Site leveling
  • Garden Terracing

Southern Down Earthmoving are committed to operating to the highest standards of safety, at all times and comply with all health and safety requirements.

If you have a residential or commercial earthmoving project, please contact us to arrange an obligation free quote.

See our photo gallery for our latest residential and commercial earthmoving projects.